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D'massive - cinta ini membunuhkuTuesday, March 29, 20111:23 AM leave goosebumps here

Saturday, March 19, 201112:19 PM leave goosebumps here

God. i'velovemySepet Soulhunterzdamnmuch.ineverstoplovehimeven1second.butthedecisionisonyourhand.i'llbeacceptevenitsmakemyheartrealyrealybroken :)
m y fe el12:00 PM leave goosebumps here

HUH.actually i'm speechless now.
 i cannot think properly. 
God. i love him. i only love him.
 but i realy don't know dat
 he feel the same i felt or no.
 long of time we not spend time tgther, 
not text and call by call.
 oh shit! i realy miss him!
 miss to see his face miss to hold her hand.
 i wanna he be wid me now!
 i realy need him. 
God, if i unfit to get all of dat wid him ,
 please away him from me. 
swear i don't want to feel sadness 
and frustrate again. 
let me alone than my heart
 will be hurt day by day.
 God. . 
if he not be mine. .
please find for him smeone dat
 can keep him very well. 
and please cure my frustration
 and let me happy wid my new life. 
GOD. actually i realy cannot loos him. 
but the decision is in your hand. 
i'll be accept evry decision wid smile even 
my heart is broken :(
L E P A K - I N G ! !Monday, March 14, 201111:03 AM leave goosebumps here

gila bettle! HAHA. best gila mlm ni lepaking dgn syg syg aku. HAHA. mcm2 prasaan ad hri ni. sdih, hppy, geram. hari ni aku nk bg syg syg aku ni meleweh dkat BLOG ni. ok kita mula dgn

yeee . bersama sye ACAP YEAHHHH , mlm nie sye x bolehh cover ktwe sye yg berdekek dekek . mcm nk pcah prut sye layan kepala mmber sye niee , ade time dowg cdih , lyan perasaan jiwangg yg amat , x bolehh blahh siakk , keje sye bedekak dekak time dowg cdih , ylarhh . sye thu dowg cdihh msty ade sbb kan kan , sye nk bg dowg lpaskan smua cdih cdih too , ~weeee . akhirnya dowg gembira gembira jugak , kteowg snap pix kne webcam . mcm mcm reaksi muka dowg buat , echa smpai mnangis nangis ktawe , sye ktwe ngk dye mnangis , ylarhh kan . dye nangis sbb gembira , so mlm nie kte sme sme eppy ok .

TERBAEK larh kowang :) , seterusnya .

FIQ :  adush..kne pkse menyibok kat blog owg plAk..hahaha..hey...nme sye fiqa lorh..ha3...mlm niy mmg tbaek lar...lpas2 tension mmg DA BOMB lar sayangsss...giler+bungeks+sengal shume nye..Echa ooiiii...upload lar pic2 kte tu tdy..hahaha..xpyh yek2 nk cdey sgt eyh...buang mase jew...:)

S  E  K  I  A  N  =)

pict gila  K.A.M.I   :
secebis rasa hati for today.Friday, March 11, 20118:06 PM leave goosebumps here

kenapa aku prlu rse bnde2 y mcm ni?
ouch shit la! smua rse dlm satu mse. aku nk rse bhagia.
bdoh sgt la bila buat2 bhagia dpn org. tp hati sakit mcm ap.
knp aku da lme xrse bhagia? kdg2 rse mcm ksong hdup ni.
xd spe2. kwn? HUH entah la. bf? lg la. xd spe syg aku lg skrg.
aku xlyak kot rse dsayangi. org kate kwn ni jd pnghibur hati kita
bila sedih, susah hati. tp ap yg aku tgk xd ap pun. HAMPEH je.
aku nk hdup sorang2 la. xpya sakit hati, xpya buat org sakit hati,
santai je. yaa tuhan. . HUH. aku da lme xjumpa NYA. myb sbb tu
la hati aku rse mcm ni je.
Sad Love StoriesSaturday, March 5, 201111:03 AM leave goosebumps here

Him : Why are you breaking up with me?

Her : You should ask yourself.

Him : I'm sorry. Can you please give me another chance?

Her : I've given you too many chances. Too many chances to break my heart   into million pieces.

Him : I didn't mean it. I'm sorry. I love you.

Her : How I wish love can make things work. How I wish love can make the pain disappear... but it can't. Please let me go, I need to face reality, forevers don't exist.

Him : You don't need to make excuses. I'm sure you don't love me anymore, that's why you're giving up.
Her : I love you, so much. So much that it hurts. I didn't give up, I already won. These lessons I learned are my prizes.
Him : But I can be your prize. We can do this together, we can fix your broken heart together.
Her : I can do this on my own.
Her : Well I guess this is the end of everything...
Her : Thank you, thank you for letting me love you this much. Thank you for hurting me this much. Thank you for the lessons I learned because of all the pain you've caused me. Maybe this is really the end of our relationship. *She walks away crying*
Him : *Runs to her and hugs her* I love you, and I will never let you go.
Her : That is what I was waiting for. I love you too.
H A P P Y Y Y ! ! !4:14 AM leave goosebumps here

thanx GOD. thanx TODAY ! ok hari ini brtarikh kan   5 MAC 2011  sayang sy said dat HE MISS ME ! ! ouch. its make me crazy lol. thanx by cz dats word i really want to hear from u for a long of time. hey by you know rite I LOVE U DAMN MUCH ! !

GILA ACCESSORIES ! !3:52 AM leave goosebumps here

- E A R R I N G -

B R A  C E L E T


L O V E P A R A M O R E ! !Friday, March 4, 20117:53 AM leave goosebumps here

dis is what i realy2 love! its can make me free without think any problem i haved. so lets we release tnsion YAWW !

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