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m y fe elSaturday, March 19, 201112:00 PM leave goosebumps here

HUH.actually i'm speechless now.
 i cannot think properly. 
God. i love him. i only love him.
 but i realy don't know dat
 he feel the same i felt or no.
 long of time we not spend time tgther, 
not text and call by call.
 oh shit! i realy miss him!
 miss to see his face miss to hold her hand.
 i wanna he be wid me now!
 i realy need him. 
God, if i unfit to get all of dat wid him ,
 please away him from me. 
swear i don't want to feel sadness 
and frustrate again. 
let me alone than my heart
 will be hurt day by day.
 God. . 
if he not be mine. .
please find for him smeone dat
 can keep him very well. 
and please cure my frustration
 and let me happy wid my new life. 
GOD. actually i realy cannot loos him. 
but the decision is in your hand. 
i'll be accept evry decision wid smile even 
my heart is broken :(
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