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I'm not strong...Monday, January 30, 20127:59 AM leave goosebumps here

I'm not felt that he loves me like one month past myb.
he not love me. Is it too much cruel when i say like that.
please God I can't be like this. 
I'm not strong to fact this.
I love you like who are you.
but u are not. 
u said what u don't like about me.
like that like this.... bla bla bla...
yaa thats right about first2 couple it's so sweet
like me at paradise. haha
I feel so bad today.. I though this night we will meet.
but he say he want to play futsal. I'm okay...
I always being okay. so no worried yaa.
shit! I cant lied myself. act I waiting him 
tonight. I've slept for 1 and half hour.
I wake up and I feel so excited cause we will
meet tonight. but thats only my dream.
ouch! why I feel like this?
I feel that u are not loving me.
please say to me thats is not true! please Mohamad Khairil.......
know what? I don't want feel hurt again. swear I don't want! 
I just want to be a special girlfie for you.
may I? please say yes for this quest and I will smile =(

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