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M I N ESaturday, April 9, 201110:33 AM leave goosebumps here

Dis is my busuk. his name aidil adha. kteorang knal xlame la. baru juga. i know dat i ni kwn smua xlama. but wht can i do loo dis is my fate. bak kate org la "kita hnya mmpu mrancang, tp TUHAN mnentukan". my effort are very high to take care of our rlationshp but wht can I do, alwys unfortunate my rlationshp is not long-lasting :) but for me dats not the important things la utk dfikirkan skrg ni kan. wht can I say "PUPPY LOVE" jela. huhu. it's ok loo aisyah, trust dats one day u will get ur "Prince Charming" HAHA (prasan lbh).Now he is mine. and i"ll try my best to defend our rlationshp. kteorang sakit la time tggu 'bulan' la kan nk jmp. but sokay klau ad rzeki slalu la kteorang meet :)

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