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Berhenti BerharapFriday, October 14, 201112:37 AM leave goosebumps here

hey reader's..
aku nak cakap sikit
yang maybe aku tak nak
update blog about 'dude' lagi
it's nothing. maybe i'm so
obsesed love him. but he doesn't
feel that. i'm not wait for any guys.
i tried my best to forget about u.
act i really need u now. 
i have many problem that make me
down. ouch shit ! where are u
dear?? don't u feel that i need u right now?
hurmmm. nanti 11/11/11
kau kena datang tau untuk jadi
partner aku. tapi tu pun aku xboleh berharap act.
no. it just my dream.
but i really trust my fate and it will be okay. i trust it 
sorry. but i can't lied myself
and i tired to wait u that i don't know until when it will be going 
like this. so the best dicision. biar aku berhenti berharap.
seriously it's hurt. 
if u know this feeling. u will never make me feel 
like this. i'm sorry. I'm not waiting you again.
and I will go on with my bad life maybe.

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