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new lifeSunday, February 13, 20115:40 AM leave goosebumps here

I hve new life. new soulmate n new frends. i got my love. i'm happy now, but at the sme time too mny things i hve to accepted. he is the smart person, cool, steady. but he don't like to text or call me everyday. a long of time we not contact each other. yaa, i feel sad but i cannot show dats. he ask me to steady.and i'll do it. but sometimes i can't. i love him very much dats why i must do all of dis. its ok, i'll be ok. evryday i prayed to God that he is more appreciate what i do only for him. only God know dat i really MISS him. i miss dats moments he kiss my forehead. really.... HUH
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